A prayer for overcoming anger

(A confession to God and request for help to control and manage anger better)

O Lord,
I’m sorry that anger rises so often in my heart.
I feel such pressure at work and home.
Sometimes I can feel as though I’m balancing on a knife’s edge, I’m about to fall.
Sometimes I don’t have the resources to meet each demand.
Sometimes I resent colleagues, family and friends
My temper cracks and I fall into wrath.
Sometimes I feel disappointed in myself,
I feel so cross when I get things wrong or fail.

I know you understand.
You see all I am, the good and the bad.
Your love can flood these angry moments.
Help me to pray, to look to you,
To take a step back and calm down.
Help me to breathe out, to re-fuel,
And to rest.

Often a gentle hug, a kind word, or even a drink or snack is all I need to reset.
Please step in when I feel anger surging again,
And remind me of these things.
I trust in you.


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