Facing temptation
Your temptations have returned, and although you have not said a word of consent to them, still they oppose you. You do not consent to them, and that is good, but you fear them too much. They would not be able to harm you if you did not fear them.
You are too sensitive to these temptations. You love the faith and wish that not a single contrary thought would come to you, and as soon as one does, you are sad and troubled. You are too jealous of this parity of faith, and it seems that everything spoils it. But you should let the wind blow and not think that the swirling leaves are so many clashing armies.
I was recently near some beehives, and some of the bees landed on my face. I wanted to shoo them away with my hand. “No” said the beekeeper, “have no fear, and do not touch them: then they will not sting you. But should you touch them, you will indeed be stung.” I believed him and was not stopping by a single one.
Believe me intern: do not fear temptation, and do not touch them, and they will not offend you. Passing by, and take no interest in them. In the end, no human remedy has proven capable of healing this injury, which causes you a pain that you must wisely transmute into a perpetual penance. This is a blow from divine providence, so that you may have cause for patience and mortification. Oh what treasures will you be able to store up by this means! You must preserve and live as a true rose among thorns.

From the book A Rose among the thorns