Not too long ago and I was sitting in my car flipping through the radio stations and I came across catholic radio which was relatively new at that time and I thought this is what I need to hear so I gave it a listen. A Bishop was speaking and he was talking about being lukewarm in your faith. He went on to describe what a lukewarm Christian is, Lukewarm Christian are those who attend church out of habit and generally do not pray unless something life threatening happens. This seemed to hit me right between the ears. I thought I was a “good” Christian I went to mass every Sunday, I went to confession, I gave to the church, I was on committees, I even got up at 3 am to do adoration. So what’s the problem I mean that sounds like a “Good Christian doesn’t it but something wasn’t right I felt like I felt hollow inside I was just going about the motions doing what I thought a good Christian would do. I knew I needed step it up. I was Lukewarm.

What is God’s opinion about those who are lukewarm? He tells us you know in Rev 3:15 “I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.” Wow that had an effect on me. What is Jesus’ reaction to the lukewarm Christian? Not very polite or tactful. It makes him sick. Luke warmness is a grave sickness of soul which can strike at any stage of one’s interior life. We say that a tepid soul has “fallen away.” It has grown weary of the interior struggle… St. Thomas Aquinas defines Luke warmness as “a kind of sadness which makes a person sluggish in the performance of spiritual exercises on account of the effort they require”… Luke warmness means “softness, laziness bent on the easiest, most pleasurable way, any apparent shortcut. And there are no shortcuts to heaven.

When it comes to serving God you can’t straddle the fence, the devil owns the fence! It’s time to get serious about your relationship with Him. It’s time to stop living one way Saturday night and a different way Sunday morning. Commit to God, give Him your life, it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make. Your worst day with God is still better than your best day without God, trust me! Stop flirting with the devil, it results in loneliness, depression, anger, tears, sorrow, and eventually death. You deserve so much better than that! Accept what Jesus did on the cross for you, and begin your journey today!

Jeff Bates